Services and Pricing

We Paint, Coat, Camouflage, Protect, Accessorize, and Sell Firearms
Providing high quality individualized services to help personalize and protect your weapons.
Click here to view the Cerakote© Colors (PDF).

*Purchase a firearm or AR parts from our Store and we’ll provide a 1 color Cerakote© coating FREE.
*A Girl and A Gun members get 20% off Cerakote. (Go to AG & AG to get membership code from vendor partner for checkout)
*All Military, retired military, and Law Enforcement get 20% off Cerakote. (Email badge or military ID to get code)

Gun Smith – Please call with your specific needs 

Powder Coating and Hydro coating available price dependent on coating size and needs.

We offer Cerakote© C & H series
• Solvent Bath
• Media Preparation
• Oven Bake (H series)
• Coating (one color of Cerakote© included)
• Reassembly
• Firearm lubrication

Additional Services
Create your own personal style by adding more Cerakote© colors or patterns.
Each additional color = $25.00

We also Powder Coat small auto and bike parts. Price depends on size of part.
Additional Color = $25.00 each

Gun Smith with Cerakote- Disassembly = $25.00

• Pistols (Slide $65.00 Lower $65.00)
$65.00 each or $130.00 complete (one color only)

• Partial-AR (upper or lower)

• Pump, Semi-Automatic, Automatic, Single Barrel, Bolt Rifle, Single Barrel,
Double Barrel, and AR-Complete (upper and lower)

• Blades

*Gift Certificates Available for him/her to personalize gifts and needs.

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